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"South & Mabry"- 70s SONS

A real travel time journey, musical one into the 70s. Besides the first two songs that open the album and are a bit more straightforward rocking songs, in the vein of CSNY,Neil Young,CCR the rest are strongly influenced by LED ZEPPELIN of the "Physical Graffiti' era, without coping in the way early KINGDOM COME did. Laid back,semi acoustic, 70s influenced rock with some Robert Plant reminiscent vocals. So for those who like their rock a bit folky, with bluesy vocals and the LZ influence stamped all over it, 70s sons are a bargain deal. That comes, because despite the references, they know how to write a good ,classic rock songs, that may remind you of everything but stands on its own, like "Woman"Even when they speed the tempo ike at "Heatstruck" the band knows how to make you wanna rock, smoothly like a magic carpet ride.

They got personality and songs like "Smoke and fire" with its slow,blues influenced tempo with the radio friendly overtones, shows a band with its own unique sound in the making. They need to keep working on their own character, evolving and using the mesmerizing style they re developing in favor of them.

This Chicago originated band, may not be the most innovative, game changing band, but they 're a well rehearsed, 70s influenced band with songs crafting abilities and the only thing they need is to cut the umbilical cord with their LED ZEPPELIN love and make the next step with more personalized sound and less references. The rock flame is in them burning.


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