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THE GODFATHERS-"Alpha,Beta,Gamma,Delta"

Godfathers are back with all new members besides main mastermind lead singer MrCoyne with their traditional garage/alternative guitar driven sound bad re-invigorated. They re eager to prove that rock is not dead, with melody, anguish, melancholy and most and above all rock ‘n’ roll spirit all over the new album. Their sound comes from the depths of the Postbank scene and as always the best from alternative of the 90s, the punk rock scene and the Brit rock melodies creating an album for those who like the radio rocking with no compromises just in your face melodic alternative rock . A great return with never a dull song of their new album. They prove they still got it rocking hard and let the emotions rule the game and their music.

For all of us who have seen them in their hey/high days of the 90s they’re still here demanding our attention with genuinely good music dress up and rock with Godfathers sound stamp unaffected by the years and the line up changes. To those who love the alternative scene of the 90s godfathers are here remaining not a remnant of the past, not a relic for the museums but a living organisation that keeps the flame of rock ‘n’ roll alive for the online generation. Dressed up and loaded with fuzzy guitars and haunting melodies and most of all genuine GODFATHERS stand tall as a band that time forgot . There are only a few bands that can play good alternative rock with a passion and heart and GODFATHERS is the best among them as their new album proves. now they’re back with new members they’re all main singer reinvigorated full of passion 8

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