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TRAGIK- "Cry for love"

The "modern" side of Phil Vinsent gets another exposure with TRAGIK's new release. What that does mean, that if you are into Aldo Nova, DRIVE SHE SAID and similar bands of hard rock with great guitar effects and similar production, this album would be a treat for you. Sound oriented at the heydays of AIR of the 80s with the US/Canadian feeling with the guitar riffing supporting some massive choruses and "distorted" vocals, the album never fails to deliver what it promises. It's all about how you like your AOR and the sound of your choice and approval. TRAGIK who feature Phil Vincent (vocals, bass, keys), Dirk Phillips (drums), and Damian D’Ercole (guitars) have their own history and unique sound, in our days of corporate melodic rock..

"Chasing heaven" is a fine example as DOKKEN meets the 00s but when the time comes, the guitar solo is blinding and a cry of love for the early , glorious days of guitar oriented Adult oriented rock, But when you come to a melodic rock band you can never leave THE BEATLES and QUEEN out of the equation and a quick listening to "One eyed Jack" makes it clear to everyone ,where the heart lies for TRAGIK (regarding musical preferences). A beefy, speed up cover of "Spirit in the sky" shows exactly why and how 80s sleaze scene and punk scene have too much in common and it's a brave choice in the way they transform the song to a muscle, riff oriented punk rock beast."Anymore' has the "Lovedrive' era , SCORPIONS feeling and delivers the good effortlessly ."Cry for love" is an album of guitar driven hard rock that loves DOKKEN, LYNCH MOB, WINGER and at the same time has its feet in the 00s with a sound contemporary even if the riffs are screaming ,we 're children of the 80s. Instead of looking for the new retro bands , take your chances on TRAGIK.


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