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Έγινε ενημέρωση: 2 Νοε 2019

Scandinavia has given us some of the best sleaze bands of the new century and among them CRASHDIET are one of the best. Their SPINAL TAP luck on the singers department ahs given them a kinda jinx feeling and definitely pull them back regarding their appeal to the mass audience. On the other hand we re talking about. Band who love early SKID ROW/MOTLEY CRUE along with NEW YORK DOLLS/HANOI ROCKS./Iggy Pop and live their dream in every note. “Rust” is really not so much different than their previous work. A bit more polished, modernized but still dirty, sleazy, angry, not for the ill to the heart, guitar driven hard rock. You may hear some Bon Jovi echoes on the opening track, but otherwise the band is playing their maximum rock n roll with the belief of the fanatic. Maximum distortion, sing a long chorus and the obligatory ballad. Just like the late 80s, big mass riffs and choruses, to make the club first and then the arena to bow. The guitars are a bit more modern more low tuned to bring the sleaze element in connection with the more successful bands like H.E.A.T and ECLIPSE but this is a minor adjustment to bring newer fans and they really deserve it. In your face rock n roll, maybe the best mental children the ill fated T.K.O and Brad Sinsel could have.


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