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Rodrigo Y Gabriela- “Mettavolution”

Έγινε ενημέρωση: 26 Ιαν 2022

When classical guitar meets rock meets latin, meets hard rock, meets a crazy pair of Mexican musicians, the result is astonishing. In their latest fifth studio album, Rodrigo and Gabriela, let the rock clothing down and get deep in to the core of music. Latin elements, rock fingering, melodies, classic guitar approach, flamenco all together in an addictive album that requires all of your attention and devotion as musical landscapes change in every minute of the song. Form the opening “Mettavolution” the duet just takes Santana and all the latin influenced masters to a new level. Some backing vocals to accompany the song and we travel from Mexico, to California, and then fly over the Andes. My personal favorite “Terracentric’ is a tribute to the great shredding albums of the 90s, with a Frank Gambale feeling along with the sensitive ‘Electric soul”.

I must admit this time the PINK FLOYD cover, “Echoes” is probably the most weak song on this album Overall, this is an album that big company executives will enjoy at their Hampton houses, rockers in the late hours at their full of smoke rock bars and the hipster tribe at their lounge bars. An album of world music composed and performed by musicians with a beating rock hard and acoustic instruments. Amazing.


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